Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction
Thank you for your interest in our programmes. With the acceptance of your booking at one of Trekking Team Ticino Sagl’s point of sales, a contract between you and Trekking Team Ticino Sagl has been established. We ask that you carefully read these Terms & Conditions.

2. Registration / conclusion of contract
Registration can either be done online, in writing (e-mail etc.), by telephone or in person directly with Trekking Team Ticino Sagl or at one of Trekking Team Ticino Sagl’s accredited booking companies. With the confirmation of your registration the conclusion of the contract is made and you and the organiser acknowledge that these Terms & Conditions form an integral part of the contract between you and the organiser. From this point in time all mentioned rights and duties of this contract become legally effective.

3. Subject matter of the contract
The organiser is obliged to provide the requested activity as described in the brochure or programme. Special requests can be considered and agreed upon with the organizer. Any additional costs will be borne by the customer.

4. Prices
The activity’s prices can be viewed in the current Trekking Team Ticino Sagl price list. They are listed in Swiss Francs per person. Prices are explicitly subject to change.

5. Payment terms
Payments generally have to be settled before the event except as otherwise provided on your invoice. Special cases are specific major events, where an initial payment of 50 % will be invoiced. If payments are not duly settled and according to the contract, the organiser is authorised to either withhold services or cancel the contract with immediate effect. Cancellation fees will be claimed by the organiser according to paragraph 6. Voucher orders will only be released upon full payment.

6. Cancellation or amendments to bookings by the customer
If a customer cancels/wants to postpone an activity, Trekking Team Ticino Sagl is to be informed through registered letter before the start of the activity indicating the cause. Any previously received documents (programme details, tickets, written confirmations, etc.) are to be enclosed. For every cancellation/amendment customers the following costs of the overall price will be due:

Individuals/Groups up to 9:                                                  Groups as of 10 people (if not specified differently*) 
Up to 30 days before start of an activity: CHF 150.00         up to 60 days before an activity: CHF 150.00
29 – 20 days before start of an activity: 20%                       59 – 30 days before start of an activity: 30%
19 – 14 days before start of an activity: 50%                       29 – 10 days before start of an activity: 60%
13 – 1 days before start of an activity: 80%                          9 – 0 days before start of an activity: 100%
On the day of the activity: 100%
* For larger events, special conditions for cancellation/amendments may be agreed on.

For Bungy Jumps of individuals and groups up to 4 persons the following cancellation fees and rules apply (for groups of 5 persons and more the above mentioned cancellation fees apply):
– up to 7 days before the jump – postponement free of charge; cancellation/refund with deduction of possible credit card fees.
– from 6 days before the Bungy jump up to the day of the jump: 100 % of the whole cost according to the confirmation.

If a customer either turns up late or not at all, so that an activity cannot go ahead, a payment of 100 % for this activity is due. Further costs that incur due to adjournments or no shows will be fully charged to the customer. For late arrivals to an activity or early leaving from it, no claims of compensation can be made.

7. Cancellation or amendments to bookings by the organizer
If the minimum number of participants for a specific activity is not met, the organiser is entitled to cancel the activity at short notice. Should it not be possible for the customer to agree upon a new date suggested, he/she will be reimbursed to the extent of payments already made minus any services already rendered.
Activities can be cancelled or amended if participants give legitimate reason through their actions or omission. In such a case the cancellation fees and rules according to paragraph 6 apply.

If activities have to be cancelled or prematurely terminated due to force majeure, weather conditions, forces of nature, official directive or security risks, customers may be reimbursed minus the services already rendered.

Claims of compensation cannot be accepted under any circumstances. The organiser will endeavour to offer an equivalent programme according to the present circumstances. The organiser is entitled at all times to make amendments to the programme according to present circumstances (force majeure, forces of nature, weather conditions, safety measures, official directive etc.).

8. Termination of the activity by the customer
If an activity is abandonned / quitted early by the customer, he is not entitled to a refund. Any additional costs are at the expense of the customer.

9. Conditions for participation
Most activities require good health conditions and a reasonable level of fitness. Participants are obligated to inform the organiser of any medical problems. Participation under the influence of drugs, alcohol or psychotropic medication is prohibited.
It is the customer’s obligation to adhere to participation conditions und to strictly follow the instructions of the organiser, the leaders, the guides and any support personnel. The organiser is entitled to refuse admission to a programme and exclude a customer from a programme should the customer not follow these rules. The usual cancellation policies apply and no compensation claims will be made or accepted. 

9.1 Conditions for participation Bungy Jumping
Minors need the consent of their parent’s or their legal representative.
The organiser is the sole body that decides over the operability of the Bungy Jumps. If Jumps cannot be made due to adverse weather conditions or local risks and hazards the customer can complete the jump at a later date or the jump fee can be remboursed. No further claims (travelling expenses and such) can be claimed!.
Upon registration, training and jump clearance, participants have maximum 3 minutes to complete the jump. After the elapsed time, clearance is withdrawn. Participants cannot claim reimbursement.
Participants with the following health conditions are explicitly excluded from bungy jumping: Pregnant women, epilepsy, heart disorders, people with high blood pressure, damage to the musculoskeletal system, recent eye-surgery, glaucoma, chronic ear ailments with disturbance of equilibrium.
Weight Limits: Verzasca (Dam): 45-110 kg

10. Insurance
Participants are not insured through the organiser. Participants are solely responsible to have adequate health and accident insurance in order to participate. Cancellation insurance is advisable.
Despite professional realisation and all safety precautions, accidents cannot be entirely excluded.  However the organiser cannot be made liable. Participation is at participant’s own risk.

11. Liability
The organiser shall be obliged to plan, prepare and carry out all activities in a diligent and professional way. The organiser will rembourse any lost activites in case there could not be found an equivalent and adequate alternative to the programme on the day of the activity. However this liability is limited to the immediate loss of an activity.
In case of obstruction, delay or even extension of a programme due to force majeure, weather conditions and out of safety reasons no claims can be made for lost travel expenses, missed planes or trains etc., late return, any loss of wage and vacation, missed events of all nature as well as claims of third parties.
The organiser cannot be held liable for damages and disadvantages of any sort which are not within or only mildly within the responsibilites of the organiser and its personnel.
The organiser is liable only for damages caused by faulty execution or faulty actions of an activity leader/guide.
Also barred from liability obligations are damages caused by force majeure, acts of war, strikes, epidemics, natural disasters, and authority’s directives.
Should organiser assign execution to authorized third parties, no liability for contract fulfilment, accidents, delays, losses, or other anomalies can be assumed.
If organiser’s or organiser’s personnel directives are not followed, no liability is assumed.

12. Complaints
The activity leader in charge is to be immediately notified in writing of any damages or complaints; these have to be confirmed by him / her. However, no leader is authorized to accept claims in the name of the organiser. In line with the programme and the possibilities, leaders will endeavour to find a suitable solution.
Within two weeks after the activity’s end, damage claims have to be sent in writing by registered letter to the organiser. The activity leader’s confirmation and any other evidence have to be enclosed. In case of late arrival of the letter, or that the complaint is launched too late, all activity entitlements expire.

13. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
Swiss law is applicable. Place of jurisdiction is Locarno Switzerland. Foreign law is excluded.

14. Organizer
Trekking Team Ticino Sagl, Vigna Nuova 21, CH-6652 Tegna TI
Office Ticino: +41 79 6 007 007; info@007bungy.ch

Bank details:

Crédit Suisse (Schweiz) AG
Account Number: 1348229-31
Bearer: Trekking Team Ticino Sagl, Tegna
IBAN: CH90 0483 5134 8229 3100 0 
Clearing no. 4835

This translation was made as a matter of convenience and is accurate to our best knowledge. In case of doubt or dispute, the German version of these Terms and Conditions shall be applicable.